Watch Vic Mensa and Kanye West's Explosive New Video for "U Mad"

Music Video Vic Mensa
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Vic Mensa debuted the music video for his newest single today, and he’s out for blood.

The 22-year-old Chicago native pulled out all the stops for “U Mad.” Sparks fly behind a shirtless Mensa as he’s bathed in a blood-red light. He bounces off the walls in a black straitjacket as men in white hazmat suits work behind him. Police in riot gear break up the mayhem that Mensa and his crew stir up. As if that weren’t enough, a guest verse from fellow Chi-town native Kanye West serves as the icing on the cake.

The song itself is explosive, with a violent beat that far surpasses Yeezy’s “All Day” and massive horns that recall the drop in “Blood on the Leaves.” Mensa might not have to say, but his confidence behind the mic easily makes this one of the best hype tracks of the year so far. West lays low in his verse, hanging on the end of every syllable and milking his one-liners (which are basically in every line) for all they’re worth. In 16 bars, he manages to reference 2 Chainz, Montell Jordan and maybe even take swipes at his ex. Nice.

At this point, Ye could sleep through verses like this; he’s just repaying the favor to Mensa, who showed up on one of his most recent singles, “Wolves.” He’s done so many features recently, he probably could’ve just dropped his album by now. But, to answer Mensa’s question, no, we’re not mad.

Watch the video for “U Mad” above.