Video Premiere: Twerps - "Love at First Sight"

Music Video
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Australian band Twerps is back with a brand new music video for “Love at First Sight,” a track from their latest release Range Anxiety. The video was shot, edited and directed by Twerps’ own Julia McFarlane, and features singer Martin Frawley on a blank wall with a series of changing projections overlaying his body.

Frawley sings the lyrics as he lethargically glides around, playing with the wall projections. The music video fits the song perfectly thanks to the lo-fi production and intentionally hazy vocal delivery, meshing well with the repetitive chorus. Frawley teeters on the edge of being purposefully off-key with background vocals echoing his wistful approach. The song is the second-to-last track on Range Anxiety, which was released by Merge Records in January. Check out the video in the player above.