Watch: Lin Manuel Miranda Freestyles with Obama in White House Rose Garden

Music Video
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The video above, which features Hamilton creator and rapper/composer/lyricist/genius Lin Manuel Miranda freestyling in the White House Rose Garden with Obama’s help, comes with a prediction from the prez himself: “This is going viral.”

Uh, you think? Hamilton, the darling of Broadway since it hit the stage, is beloved by just about everyone, and the combination of Miranda and Obama would go viral even if they were rooting through somebody’s trash in rural Kansas. (Seriously, I’d watch that.) But freestyle rapping in the Rose Garden, as Obama holds up flash cards with words like “The Federalist Papers” and “Supreme Court” and “Immigrants,” is pure fire. Miranda’s rap is solid, not great, but this is still a fun watch. Check it out above, from the White House Twitter account. There’s even a redcoat drummer for effect.

Below, you can watch the video of Obama introducing the cast of Hamilton in the White House. The footage starts at 43:50, and includes select performances from the cast, as well as Obama reminiscing on the last time Miranda was at the White House, for a poetry jam in 2009: