Watch Primal Scream and Sky Ferreira in "Where the Light Gets In" Video

Music Video
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The first few frames of Primal Scream’s “Where the Light Gets Out” video feature Bobby Gillespie and singer Sky Ferreira rummaging through crates of records. Clearly visible is a New Order LP and the Clockwork Orange soundtrack. It’s hard to believe either record was placed on set serendipitously and instead is an homage to the synth sounds that inspire Gillespie and Ferreira.

As the singers switch off vocals on the electro-pop power ballad they also trade off making bedroom eyes at the viewer. From verse to verse Ferreira and Gillespie trade the spotlight and then come together during the chorus’ triumphant crescendo.

“Where the Light Gets Out” is the first single off of Primal Scream’s album Chaosmosis out March 18.