Watch the New Video For Frankie Cosmos' "Korean Food"

Music Video
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In the opening images of Frankie Cosmos’ video for track “Korean Food,” Greta Klein dangles her feet above a shimmering pool before she plunges them in and the chord that opens her electronic EP Fit me In rings out.

The pithy video is composed of lo-fi camcorder-captured moments between friends, one of whom is Aaron Maine—Klein’s musical and romantic partner on this recent project.

“It’s my version of a pop music video,” Klein told DIY Magazine, which premiered the video, “- boat, pool, beach, lipstick, alcohol..but my way – camcorder, sunscreen, goggles, hummus. Kinda like how the song is sticky and emotional but sounds fun and glossy.”

“Korean Food” was originally released back in 2013, but as Cosmos’ mission to take her music out of the bedroom and into the studio the production value is upped and the longing comes through clearer.