Listen to Wilco's Daytrotter Session, Recorded on This Day in 2011

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Listen to Wilco's Daytrotter Session, Recorded on This Day in 2011

Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy has been writing music for decades, but he only just last month released his first album of original solo material. WARM, which arrived Nov. 30, follows 2017’s Together At Last, a collection of reworks and stripped-down versions of previously released tunes. So then, finally, came WARM, marking the first time Tweedy released new, original material alone, without Wilco, Uncle Tupelo or even Tweedy, the band he formed with his son Spencer. The solo record was well worth the wait. As Paste’s Eric Danton writes, “For listeners who have taken pleasure in Tweedy’s continuing evolution, WARM is akin to a gift…It feels like a privilege to hear Tweedy’s songs when he lets them out into the world.”

In addition to unleashing those songs, Tweedy also released a memoir last month titled Let’s Go (So We Can Get Back), in which he unpacks both his personal life and storied career over the course of 300 engaging pages. With so much reflection going on concerning the band and Tweedy’s past, this seems like a great time to revisit Wilco’s Daytrotter session recorded at their Loft in Chicago, Ill., a storied site where parts of the memoir take place. Daytrotter’s home base is in Davenport, Iowa, but on this day (Dec. 12) in 2011, the Daytrotter operations temporarily relocated to the Wilco Loft, where the band treated listeners to four songs. In September of that year, Wilco released their eighth studio album, The Whole Love, and every song they played during the session was from that record: “I Might,” “One Sunday Morning,” “Born Alone” and “Rising Red Lung.”

You can listen to Wilco’s 2011 Daytrotter session below. Further down, watch a 1996 Wilco concert in full via the Paste vault. Read the Paste review of Jeff Tweedy’s WARM here.