Daily Dose: Young Jesus, “Fourth Zone of Gaits”

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Daily Dose: Young Jesus, “Fourth Zone of Gaits”

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Young Jesus have shared the video for “Fourth Zone of Gaits,” off their most recent release, The Whole Thing is Just There, out now through Saddle Creek Records.

According to a press release, the L.A.-based art-rock quartet took inspiration for the name of their album from a statement by neo-expressionist painter Philip Guston. “What I’m always seeking is some great simplicity where the whole thing is just there,” the painter once said when describing his process of work. “That, to me, is the ideal feeling of existing,” frontman John Rossiter said. “That feeling you pursue when you’re creating, when the world is opening up, and things are on the cusp of beauty and revelation, but it’s just out of reach.”

“Fourth Zone of Gaits” feels like an extension of that philosophy. Its guitar chords come in broad, sweeping brushstrokes, Rossiter’s vocals warbling on the edge of revelation. The feeling of motion and stasis informed the creation of the video, directed by Peter Nichols, as well. “None of us surf but we talked about waves a lot,” the band explain in a statement. “Light waves, radio waves, sound waves, the fact that matter exists as both particles and waves. Maybe God is a harp player that invented physics. This is what’s going on in the video.”

Watch the “Fourth Zone of Gaits” video below, along with the band’s Paste Studio session from earlier this year. You can stream their album here.