Watch Young Thug's Clever, Meta "Wyclef Jean" Video

Music Video Young Thug
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Young Thug’s Jeffery mixtape opener “Wyclef Jean” has a new video, but it’s lacking one very important element—the rapper himself.

Half clever rap video spoof, half a director’s worst nightmare, “Wyclef Jean” is a series of clips put together by co-director Ryan Staake, with text informing the viewer what the heck is going on. We are treated to a wild array of scenes, from bad bitches driving mini cars to kids destroying a police car (while actual policemen monitor the scene from the background, and eventually halt filming).

As the text explains, Staake and his team filmed scenes based on what Thug said he wanted for the video, but somehow the rapper never actually showed up to any of the filming. Arriving 10 hours late, Thug finally appeared, only to drive away almost immediately due to an Instagram emergency. The only time Thug appears in the video is during a brief clip of himself enjoying some Cheetos, two months after the filming of the other footage.

At the end of the video, Staake claims the whole production cost $100,000 dollars, and wonders if the rapper would have liked the shoot they put together. Meta and kind of brilliant, the video may have turned out exactly as Thug wanted, in all its goofy, messy glory. Watch the entertaining video above, and find out where Jeffery landed on our list of 2016’s best album covers here.