Lee Prince

For fans of:Outkast, Zero, Lacrea, Kendrick Lamar, Wiz Khalifa

Flud Cavion (born Lee Prince is an American Christian hip hop recording artist and member or the rap duo 4th soil. In 2009 He released his first and only solo album titled " The life of Lee Prince Jr."Lee is working on his Bachelor's degree with Global University, Burean school of ministry.

Flud began to right raps in elementary. After gaining local notoriety to for his ability to rap he took interest in doing it as a career.

In 1996 Flud gave his life to the Lord at a youth conference and as his life began to change, so did his lyrics. With almost 2 decades of promoting the gospel through music, Flud is stronger that ever with another solo album scheduled to be released in late 2014 titled "Redwood".