Lee Prince

1990's vs. 2000's Mixtape

1990's vs. 2000's Mixtape by Lee Prince
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For fans of:Outkast, Zero, Lacrea, Kendrick Lamar, Wiz Khalifa
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  1. 01 Track 1.mp3
  2. 02 Track 2.mp3
  3. 03 Track 3.mp3
  4. 04 Track 4.mp3
  5. 05 Track 5.mp3
  6. 06 Track 6.mp3
  7. 07 Track 7.mp3
  8. 08 Track 8.mp3
  9. 09 Track 9.mp3
  10. 10 Track 10.mp3
  11. 11 Track 11.mp3
  12. 12 Track 12.mp3
  13. 13 Track 13.mp3
  14. 14 Track 14.mp3
  15. 15 Track 15.mp3
  16. 16 Track 16.mp3
  17. 17 Track 17.mp3
  18. 18 Track 18.mp3
  19. 19 Track 19.mp3
  20. 20 Track 20.mp3
  21. 21 Track 21.mp3
  22. 22 Track 22.mp3
  23. 23 Track 23.mp3
  24. 24 Track 24.mp3
  25. 25 Track 25.mp3
  26. 26 Track 26.mp3
  27. 27 Track 27.mp3
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Not only is 4th Soil the name of the group, The name 4th derives from the parable of soil found in Mathwew chapter 13 where Jesus tells his disciples to put their seed in good soil. "We as believers should aim to become that great soil, says Flud". With a downsouth/midwest/westcoast sound, 4th Soil is ready to impact a multitude with the gospel of Jesus Christ. The group consist of members Lee"Flud Cavion"Prince and Kevin"K-DuBB"Warr. God gave them the vision to start the group in 1999 and since then god has been molding them into something greater than even they would have imagined. these guys truly inderstand their calling and are more than willing to let God's will be done in the ministry of 4th Soil.
For fans of:Outkast, Zero, Lacrea, Kendrick Lamar, Wiz Khalifa
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