Alt/Punk Vol. 1 by Various Artists (A Lonely Ghost Burning)
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For fans of:Independent Artists, New Music, Songwriting
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  1. The Radio Reds - Southern Belle
  2. Save Ends - Same Old Dice
  3. White City - Out Of My Mind
  4. The Uprising - Untitled
  5. Ghost Thrower - The King of Louisiana
  6. The Hard Aches - Die Young Happy
  7. Colour Me Wednesday - Shut
  8. Tiger Bell - Look Into My Eyes
  9. Sweatshop Boys - China Box
  10. Zero The Hero - Her Brother Knows Karate
  11. Rivals - Masks
  12. Little Big League - Lindsey
  13. Mixtape Saints - Sleep
  14. The Hallingtons - All She Did Was Lie
  15. Summerhill - Apartment
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This is a free compilation, so if you have an urge to part with your money, we strongly recommend you go buy records/downloads/merch from the bands involved (links are on our website - If you REALLY dig what we're doing, and would like to donate coins to help us keep doing it long-term, we wouldn't object, but honestly, it's the bands that are most deserving of your money - you should 100% think about supporting them before us.


This is our very first release, and we couldn't be happier with the quality we've been able to assemble. Big thanks to the label and PR folks who have helped us out, and a HUGE thank you to all the bands involved. This compilation is about them, so if you like what you hear, go show your support, whether it be monetarily or socially. For more info on all the records involved, including brief reviews and social & purchase links, please check out the website.

* Each track appears on this compilation with explicit permission from the relevant band.

For fans of:Independent Artists, New Music, Songwriting
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