For fans of:Beatles, Prince, Red Hot Chilli Peppers

A posse hailing from the north, south, east & western worlds Encamped in London with various musical backgrounds. Using the V basic instruments of:- Drums, Bass, Guitar, organ & Voice & with influences borrowed from rock, pop, r n b, EDM, jazz & alternative they fashioned what they call "Neo Modern Vibrations". A music offering that emanates from the hearts & souls of the protagonists. The sound is unashamed , unapologetic and unafraid II be all that they encompass. Familiar yet @ the same time fresh & new. We all wether we care II admit it or not, borrow for our musical heroes & heroines, then our muses take over the baton & bring forth offerings which they kindly put inII our care. This is from them II us, II you. Enjoy.