Big Blue Car

For fans of:BabyBird, Crowded House, Lord Huron, Matt Pond, Roger Waters

Big Blue Car is the musical vehicle for KP Williams, an English musician who has pitched his tent somewhere along the chalk of the South Downs and who still has no clear idea of the style of music he produces.

KP has been writing and recording music for many years, and in a number of forms; collaboration, band, commercial - and now in an almost final resting place (and back where he started) as an individual playing and recording all instruments with some sense of proportion, but not much.

Previous band includes the 80's styled 'An American In Paris', who were signed to Bill Wyman's Ripple Records and who were a large presence along the south coast of the UK, gigging and writing in typical 'hanging out' mode.

Big Blue Car currently has four album releases and one EP.