Buddy Lee

Buddy Lee Second Chances

Buddy Lee Second Chances by Buddy Lee
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For fans of:Tom Petty, Gregory Alan Iksakov, Neil Young, Townes Van Zandt
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  1. Boots
  2. City Lights
  3. Dig A Little Deeper
  4. He Rides A White Horse
  5. Hereos
  6. Keep The End In Sight
  7. Love Beyond Her Years
  8. Recipe For Love
  9. Second Chances
  10. Soldiers Prayer

Considering his unconventional, diversified background, it’s probably best to start at the beginning with Buddy Lee, and then move quickly! Born Melvin Lee Dobberteen in backwoods America, he grew up huntin’, drinkin’ and fightin’ like any good redneck teenager would. Along the way he picked up the nickname “Buddy” from family and friends. In 2001, a day or so before 9/11, Buddy enlisted in the Marine Corps. The move was consistent with Dobberteen’s penchant for getting into something before he really knew what he was getting into. After five years in the Corps that included three tours of duty in Iraq, numerous drunken brawls, and more than one scrape with death, there came a day when Buddy Lee heard the voice of God. That voice was loud and clear and Buddy Lee honestly thought he might be going nuts. The voice told him to go write songs and play music. It was something that had never crossed Buddy’s mind before. Dobberteen also explains that once he heard the voice, his life was injected with an overwhelming sense of purpose he had never known. That same week, he made arrangements to leave his career in the military and pursue music full time instead.

Buddy Lee wishes he could say his first effort at recording an album was a success story but it wasn’t. He describes his first album as “a half-cocked ride on the lame train…yet another cart-before-the-horse lesson in the Buddy Lee School of Hard Knocks”. His desire to make music bordered on compulsive…but something was missing. In August of 2007, Dobberteen moved from Southern California to South Texas to re-invent himself. Shortly after arriving in the Lone Star State, he began to inexplicably cross paths with legendary music personnel. Before he knew what hit him, Buddy found himself in the company of well-respected folk, rock, and country music artists. Buddy Lee gives credit to God for putting him in situations where he was writing songs with Will Callery (Grammy Award-nominated), jamming with musicians like Kyle Park, Eli Young Band, Josh Abbott, Micky & The Motor Cars,Gary P. Nunn, Roger Creager and Monty Montgomery, and sharing the stage with artists like Bryan White (Grammy winner), Ray Benson, and Jimmy LaFave. Buddy Lee’s game had no choice but to improve. When Buddy Lee hooked up with former Hank Williams Jr. guitarist Greg Demoore, the Backroad Band was born as Demoore suggested the idea of touring with Buddy on a route of back road honkytonks and bars from Texas to Michigan and back. Dobberteen seemed to stumble upon these kinds of relationships that impacted him in more ways than one. During the process of meeting and befriending these music artists he believed were out of his league, Buddy Lee’s songwriting and musical style improved in a way that is difficult to calculate. Music and clothing companies also began to notice him as he began to build relationships with notable companies such as Taylor Guitars, GHS Strings, Larrivee Guitars, and Truth Soul Armor. Buddy soon had endorsement or sponsorship deals with all of them. More coveted live spots at major events continued including an invite to play the annual Nashville Songwriters Festival in 2008. He was invited again that year and moved up to being billed as a “Featured Songwriter”. Shortly after that, Buddy Lee found himself on the main stage at Texas’ celebrated Luckenbach music venue this past summer for “Pickin’ For The Record”, an event that ended up in the Guinness Book of World Records. Recently, Dobberteen’s song “A Soldier’s Prayer” won the attention of award-winning producer and longtime Eric Clapton drummer Jamie Oldaker, who recorded the track with Mike Cross and Robyn Ludwick. “A Soldier’s Prayer” also features Gene Elders (Alan Jackson, George Strait, Lyle Lovett) on fiddle and the renowned Lloyd Maines on steel guitar. More touring is scheduled for Buddy Lee & The Backroad Band has finished up his second album which featured an awsome ensemble of musicians and songwriters, Brian Standefer (Wade Bowen, Dixie Chicks, Rolling Stones) on Cello, Bukka Allen (Jack Inghram, Ion Moore) on keyboards, Jeff Plankenhorn (Bob Snider, Slaid Cleaves) on Acoustic, Dobro, Steel and Electric Guitars, and Glenn Schuetz on bass guitar. After a short hiatus Dobberteen is at it again working on his third album set to be released spring of 2018. No doubt this will be his best album yet. Dobberteen has worked and written 4 songs who have been cut by national caliber artists. He advised and ghost wrote on a song called, “Welcome Home” for Carolyn Wonderland and Malford Milligan, Buddy has also written with Grammy nominated writers Will (Bill) Callery who was published by Waylon sons Publishing. Buddy has also written a Rap song on a bet which was nationally played in Mexico and on the underground circuit across America.

For fans of:Tom Petty, Gregory Alan Iksakov, Neil Young, Townes Van Zandt
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