By The Way

For fans of:Pete Seeger, Bruce Springsteen, Johnny Cash, Simon & Garfunkel, Emmylou Harris

Switzerland based quartet with 4 voices, fiddles, guitars, whistles and all the things that make folk music great. Playing some own stuff as well as covers. Inspired by the Seeger Sessions as played by Bruce Springsteen.

By The Way was founded as a trio around 2004 in the Zurich Highlands in Switzerland. They kept playing a lot in the beginning, penning their own songs and presenting a full repertoire with that. When in 2009 they were asked to do a short Seeger Session at a Springsteen Covers night they asked Fiddler Rachel Scheibler to join them and went on as a rather folky quartet to play mostly covers of old and new folk songs.

By The Way has a few recordings to offer, mostly live though. They were at the studios only once. Because they like playing live a lot more. In 2014 they announced to record a full-length album called The Livingroom Sessions. It will be recorded at one of the musicians' home as some kind of completely unplugged live recording without audience.