Happy New Year by Your Friends' Choir of Eternal Fire
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For fans of:The Breeders, Belly, Scintilla, Elastica, Throwing Muses
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  1. Love Planet Bound
  2. Love
  3. Killing Time
  4. Time On The Cross
  5. Barbry Allen
  6. Lost
  7. Love Island
  8. Summer Time
  9. The Birds (Radio Edit)
  10. Two Ravens
  11. Winter is Coming
  12. Christmas Day
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Come with us, Dear Listener, on a musical journey through the year. A new song for each month - each performed, in a unique and exciting style, by that ever-popular outfit; Your Friends’ Choir of Eternal Fire.

January’s song, Love Planet Bound, is a pulse pounding epic - which begins the album in rip-roaring fashion, perfectly capturing the hopes and dreams of a brand new year.

No sooner have the memories of January faded than the Friends transport us to a very different musical world, with a beautiful and tender song they call Love - so apt for February and its celebration of Valentine’s day.

The green shoots of Spring have now arrived - but March’s song, Killing Time, reminds us that beneath all that promise is an altogether more disturbing truth. Grim and gripping stuff, performed by the Friends with their usual style and aplomb!

April now, and Easter. For this celebration the Friends present us with a beautifully intense number known as Time on the Cross. Sometimes, Dear Listener, there is no redemption.

For May, the Friends have chosen to breath life into that old classic, Barbry Allen. Love, they seem to be telling us, can grow even in the depths of despair.

The sun-drenched days of Summer are here and, for June, we have an achingly sweet song called Lost which reminds us that the happiest, hippest crowds can sometimes be the loneliest places.

Love Island - July’s pop extravaganza - is an altogether more upbeat affair, where the Friends transport us to an imaginary land, populated by some of history’s great lovers; and a more mysterious guest with a scythe and a cowl and a “come hither” look. Maybe that’s the lover for you, Dear Listener?

August’s song is a so-called “feelgood” hit for the summer known simply as Summer Time. Enjoy it while you can, because it ends so soon.

Now we come to September, and the darkening days of Autumn. The Birds is a wonderful, melancholic song imagining what it’s like to be one of those strange, feathered creatures - but one wonders whether the Friends also mean to tell us something about ourselves.

For October, the Friends stay on an ornithological theme with a blistering rendition of that traditional ballad, Two Ravens. Hold on to your hat, Dear Listener, the Wild Hunt has begun!

The nights are drawing in and the world is getting colder. November’s song, Winter is Coming, reminds us that all good things must come to an end - including this album, and ultimately our own fragile lives. Thankfully the Friends are on hand to cheer us up with their jaunty tunes and syncopated backbeats.

The end of the year now approaches, and the culmination of our musical journey. All that’s left, Dear Listener, is for you to put up your feet, break out the sherry, and join the Friends for one last number - as they play out with their famous festive hit, Christmas Day!

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All songs are by Phil except Barbry Allen (Trad) and Two Ravens (Trad).

For fans of:The Breeders, Belly, Scintilla, Elastica, Throwing Muses
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