David South and his Scottish Dance Band

For fans of:Jimmy Shand, David Cunningham, Colin Dewar

David South and his Scottish Dance Band are leading exponents of Scottish Dance Music in Australia. With an accordion and fiddle lead, they produce a familiar, yet fresh approach to the formal world of Scottish Dance Music.

Since their first album in 1999, David South and his Scottish Dance Band's reputation has been steadily growing and with more than 120 years of combined experience playing for all sorts of social dancing, they bring new ideas to this traditional form.

Not only do they play for formal Scottish Country Dances, this group are also adept in guiding wedding parties through some of the more lively social dances, ensuring that each person on the dance floor can enjoy doing the sorts of dances this infectious music was designed for.

This sampler gives you a taste of what you can expect from their four albums to date, with the latest, "Another Scottish Ramble" released only in 2013 and paying homage to a hero of theirs' - Jimmy Shand.