Derek Webb

Ctrl (Acoustic)

Ctrl (Acoustic) by Derek Webb
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For fans of:Bon Iver, Wilco, Elliott Smith, Bob Dylan, Sufjan Stevens
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  1. And See The Flaming Skies
  2. A City With No Name
  3. Can't Sleep
  4. Blocks
  5. Pressing On The Bruise
  6. Attonitos Gloria
  7. I Feel Everything
  8. Reanimate
  9. A Real Ghost
  10. Around Every Corner

Available EXCLUSIVELY at NoiseTrade, download the entire acoustic version of Derek Webb's critically acclaimed Ctrl album.

Morally challenging and musically innovative, Derek Webb takes yet another bold step with Ctrl, shifting from the electronica-based sounds that have dominated his work in recent years toward a striking blend of acoustic and synthetic instrumentation. Webb’s singing harks back to the folksy sweetness of his work with Caedmon’s Call, tempered by a greater sense of maturity and experience. Samples of sacred harp choirs and delicate guitar work contrast with techno beats and ambient textures to create a mood at once exalted and unnerving. Within these perimeters, Webb moves between the otherworldly angst of “And See the Flaming Skies” to the relentless pulsations of “Attonitos Gloria” and the wistful sparkle of “Reanimate.” The album compares the human desire for control with God’s overarching design in “Blocks” and “I Feel Everything.” Webb releases his inner Art Garfunkel in “A Real Ghost,” capturing the experience of Christian rebirth in quietly intense language against a stark, dreamy backdrop. “Around Every Corner” ends the album with a burst of bright, uplifting pop/rock. -iTunes

For fans of:Bon Iver, Wilco, Elliott Smith, Bob Dylan, Sufjan Stevens
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