Endless Boogie

Daytrotter Session - Sep 9, 2014

Sep 9, 2014 Echo Mountain Recording Asheville, NC by Endless Boogie
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  1. Endless Boogie Daytrotter
The tour de force is one of those terms that people writing on the dust jacket covers of novels like to overuse. They beat it to death. Sometimes this happens with rock and roll bands too, but it's usually a lazy thing to do. With Endless Boogie, however, there's almost NO other conceivable phrase that can apply. They ARE a force. They create currents. The members shift their weights and it can cause buildings to fall. They open their eyes in the morning and it makes all of the motorcycles in the world come to life, with ball-rattling coughs. They make you feel that if you haven't already checked yourself in to a drug and alcohol rehabilitation clinic, you might want to think about it because you're starting to come unhinged just listening. Lead singer Paul Major, or Top Dollar, sings, almost threatens, "Got some food in me, got a pretty little girl," making it sound as if the blood alcohol level is climbing quickly and there might be something of a leer in his heart. This combined suite of songs makes you wonder about the savageness of the tongue when it's become oiled up. Here we get the spins and we're pretty sure Endless Boogie have them too.