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UTR's Best Songs of 2017 (15 Tracks)

UTR's Best Songs of 2017 (15 Tracks) by UTR Media
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For fans of:Sara Groves, Burlap To Cashmere, Josh Garrels, Andrew Peterson, The Gray Havens
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  1. Fight for Love - Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors
  2. Surprising Me - Taylor Leonhardt
  3. Heartland - John Tibbs
  4. Do Not Be Afraid - Christopher Williams
  5. He Has Made A Way - Caroline Cobb
  6. Ghost - The Classic Crime
  7. Good Weld - Luke & Emily
  8. I Can't Make It Grow - Brianna Gaither
  9. Highway Life - Zach Pietrini Band
  10. Settle - The Mosleys
  11. Flesh And Bone - Son of Laughter
  12. Psalm 13 - Rachel Wilhelm
  13. You Were Not My People - Nathan Partain
  14. You're Beautiful To Me - Lisa Weyerhaeuser (ft. Randy Stonehill)
  15. Hopeless Days -Brittany Hope
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This album contains 15 songs that were featured on UTR Media's list of the Top Gourmet Songs of 2017 (visit utrmedia.org to see the list of all 57 songs). Special thanks to our 10-member panel of critics for nominating these selections. The list isn't about being right or wrong, because songs can connect with individuals for a myriad reasons. But these are the songs that left a deep impression on our critics in terms of lyrics, arrangements, production, and spiritual significance.


(c) 2018 UTR Media. All rights reserved. All songs used with permission.

UTR Media is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that builds community around well-crafted faith-inspired music.


Executive Producer: Dave Trout

Production Assistant: Larry Stephan

Album Artwork: Rachel Mosley

Special thanks to the 10 members of the UTR Critics Panel.


Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors - http://drewholcomb.com

Taylor Leonhardt - http://taylorleonhardt.com

John Tibbs - http://johntibbsmusic.com

Christopher Williams - http://christopherw.com

Caroline Cobb - http://carolinecobb.com

The Classic Crime - http://theclassiccrime.com

Luke & Emily - https://facebook.com/lukeandemilymusic

Brianna Gaither - http://briannagaither.com

The Zach Pietrini Band - http://zachpietrini.com

The Mosleys - http://themosleysmusic.com

Son of Laughter - http://son-of-laughter.com

Rachel Wilhelm - https://rachelwilhelmmusic

Nathan Partain - http://nathanpartain.com

Lisa Weyerhaeuser - http://lisaweyerhaeuser.com

Brittany Hope - http://brittanyhopemusic.com

For fans of:Sara Groves, Burlap To Cashmere, Josh Garrels, Andrew Peterson, The Gray Havens
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