HuanDao Documentary

For fans of:Pur-dur, Sam Ryder, Zach Vinson, SONATORE, Sean Knisely

HuanDao is an independent feature length documentary telling the story of self-discovery and identity following a bike trip through Taiwan created by SueAnn Shiah.

The film follows two young women embarking on a two-week bicycle trip (known as huandao) through the country of Taiwan. One is Taiwanese American, and her return to the island explores her relationship with her family, her bicultural identity, and her greater understanding of self, home, and belonging. They travel through the beautiful island, experiencing its food and culture, befriending strangers along the way that challenge the question-- what does it mean to be Taiwanese and what does it mean to be American?

The film's original soundtrack features music from Nashville's vibrant music community--indie pop/rockers Zach Vinson, SONATORE, and Sean Knisely and original score from composer and cellist Syneva Colle, alongside aboriginal Taiwanese folk musicians recorded in remote areas of Taiwan —a unique juxtaposition befitting the film's diverse origins.