Hundred Waters

Daytrotter Session - May 18, 2012

May 18, 2012 Echo Mountain Recording Asheville, NC by Hundred Waters
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  1. The Daytrotter Set
For the Gainesville, Florida band, Hundred Waters, we've drum up some fragments of insights and potpourri it alone was responsible for making swirl around in us. We think that it has something to do with the showdown and shower that seems to come at around the 14-minute mark of this continuous, one-track set that was recorded a few months ago in Asheville, North Carolina, at Echo Mountain Studio.

The showdown sounds like the kind that happens on a day that's entirely free of wind gusts. The air is stagnant, completely dead and there's a golden glow to the light falling on all of the participating parties. It's impossible to tell if Hundred Waters were the avengers or if they were the jewel thieves in this particular shootout because all we hear are the sacks of gems and jewels fly up and into the air - wherein they pause for a second and then push desperately against gravity as they cascade back to the ground in slow motion, like a rain shower. It doesn't sound like any shots are fired, but the diversion has been created and someone's trying to make a getaway as we feel the glassy lightning of the music take us into the den for a drink.

So, we think:
-- these Floridians eat breakfast next to a Ms. Pac-Man arcade game that they've known since they were just children.
-- they must drink a lot of mimosas, per capita, per beat.
-- we wonder if they've ever bought a fog machine on a cold spring day in Minnesota and immediately think that there's only one person we've ever known do such a thing - so it couldn't have been them, unless everything we know is wrong.
-- is the coagulating fluid/material that floats up and down in lava lamps recyclable?
-- it's probably definite that they pick up pennies when they find them lying on the ground and they immediately try to find a fountain or wishing well to pluck them into.
-- these are folks who don't believe in setting an alarm clock in the mornings. They just see what time their bodies want to wake up. It's usually later than they thought their bodies were going to wake up, but it makes no difference.
-- the band - as a collective can look up into the night sky and spot/name nearly all of the constellations and all of the planets, when they're visible and the sky is clear.
-- Hundred Waters would be an ice cream flavor that I'd wish to order and can already imagine what it would taste like. It's exactly what you'd expect.