The Indelible Project

For fans of:Sojourn, Jesus Culture, Passion

The Indelible Project was formed as a collective of worshipers and musicians mostly involved in some way in a movement called The Common Thread Community. Our desire is to write and play music that will etch the word and character of God on the hearts of His people. To use the gifts that our Father has given us to assist His people in connecting with Him and giving Him praise. In the midst of a culture overrun with love of money, love of fame, and love of self, we are desperately seeking ways to fix eyes on the King Jesus and His kingdom and leave the church something that will last until His return. What we hope is to inspire local churches all over our nation and as well as other nations to bring us in to play this wonderful book for their people as a means to inspire and equip them to begin memorizing it. We will be touring all throughout the year so look for a time we might be in our near your city.