Ivan Lluch

For fans of:Lang Lang, John Williams, Gustavo Dudamel, Gershwin, Mozart

Welcome to the Ivan's official website. Spanish composer Ivan Lluch is one of the most prominent under 30 talents of the moment. With over 50 compositions for symphony orchestra, including full concertos for piano, cantatas, two requiems and many suites; 75 compositions for concert and wind band, many for piano solo and quite more for small ensembles, Ivan easily involves the audience with unique sounds and textures.

His works are being performed around the world, some examples are New Zealand, the UK, the US, France, Spain, the US, Japan and Australia; making him a truly global composer. His music is often referred as a mix of post-romantic and film music. Although you will find some works that elude this description, for instances his two concerts for piano and orchestra (Concert in Eb for Piano and Cm Concert for Piano and Orchestra) enjoy the beautiful mix of three different styles: Blues, Romantic and Jazz. But He not only composes for big ensembles, as a saxophone player himself, Ivan is a true lover of the XXth century music and of course he has composed music for the styles created on the golden age of recorded music. So you will be able to find some of his works for big band. Some of his most memorable works include Leyendas del Bosque, Amatoria, Daven Port, Mudbox, Extasi, Stairs, Concert in Eb for Piano and Africa the Album. Ivan is not only a gifted composer but a talented conductor, his first time as conductor was at the age of 17, when he conducted the premiere of his own work Daven Port. Conducting an 80 piece concert band made him earn the favour of the audience and with it an outstanding ovation. From then He's conducted other concert bands a just a few orchestras. Although his career as conductor is way smaller than his career as composer, He continues to offer his passion and talent to those ensembles that want to enjoy a unique performance with one of the future top conductors.