Convalescence by L3-23
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Hip-Hop/RapHip Hop
For fans of:KB, Kanye West, KJ-52
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  1. Humble Beginnings (Feat. Opto Music)
  2. My Vocation (Feat. JD Preacher, and TGV)
  3. Anti
  4. NEP
  5. Bless(ed) (Feat. Rezin)
  6. Psychosis
  7. The Fight
  8. Relationship (Feat. M@nner)
  9. Medicate (Feat. Osaze)
  10. Inpatient
  11. Immorality (Feat. K. Murray)
  12. Mulberry
  13. Healed (Feat. Leo the Mannequin)
  14. You
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The 3rd studio album, and the most highly anticipated one yet! This album may be L3-23's favorite he's ever released, because of the story he was telling in the lyrics to the album. He went through stuff in 2020, like discovering a new disorder that was undiagnosed, fighting and arguing with his family, and even getting in to disputes with other people. Why did he? I thought he was a Christian? Well, when your not being wise, not taking prescription meds, and thinking everybody's against you, you know things aren't going to end well. That's the story he shares on this album and well...let him explain it cause he can explain it better than anyone else can. It is something he went through, and you will see why he did the things he did and regret. This is healing from what his Pastor said (he would be redeemed). This is...Convalescence!


Thanks to my friends and family. I'm sorry at the same time for hurting y'all and turning against y'all, but I just thought you all were against me. But you weren't and I'm thankful for that. I'm thankful for the fans still rocking with me. This is my story to you! Also all praise goes to God for everything He was doing and correcting me on my walk with Him. This was my funnest, craziest, hardest, and the best album I have ever made in my opinion and I know if the new listeners give it a chance, they will love it too.

Hip-Hop/RapHip Hop
For fans of:KB, Kanye West, KJ-52
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