Joshua Moss

For fans of:Andrew Belle, Bon Iver, Julien Baker, Prince of Spain, Greg Laswell

My passion compels me to create. I want to watch things become. I want to be a component of creation. The most daunting opposition that creators face besides, "How do I make money as an artist?" is the resistance to make. Why work on your art when it's so easy and convenient to just consume instead? Consuming is made to be the chief purpose of much of life today. The question producers ask revolve around getting the consumer to become more able and willing to buy and use more and more and more. Bigger. Better. Faster. Consumption is easy, convenient, and the goal of the message from this age. Creation gets a low place on the list of priorities. I want to create tools and anthems that break down the walls protecting "the system." I want to inspire people to create - to push them out of the clutches of obsessive consumerism.