King's Understanding

For fans of:Lecrea, Kendrick Lamar, Big K.R.I.T

We have a new artist on the rise, his name is Phillip King's Understanding Bowman. Shreveport, La native is whose a Rapper, rapping the Gospel of Jesus Christ, uncompromised, who gave his life to christ. Here’s what he had to say. ” I was facing 10 years 3 years ago for armed robbery and God’s hand was at work, 10 turned into 2, and I’m His servant because I could still be caged physically but not spiritually, but God is using me to lead the people that the messages resonates with”. Check Phillip out on his social networks:::

Facebook search: kingsunderstanding

Ig: @KingsUnderstanding


Datpiff mixtape: "Redeemed" and "Graceland"