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Le Mean Girls (commonly stylized leMEANGIRLS) is a South Korean girl group formed by Eclesy's Galaxy entertainment. The group is composed of three members: Jiwoo, Kim, and Yuna (former member Marika has left the group in 2021).
leMEANGIRLS started in 2017 as a duo composed by Yuna and Jiwoo, they used to be active on soundcloud posting covers of popular songs. The duo had a pre-debut release in June 2017, with their song Forever Young, which is still available on their soundcloud.

in April 2018, Eclesy's Galaxy entertainment announced that two new members had joined leMEANGIRLS: Kim, and Marika. in September 2018, leMEANGIRLS joined instagram and started posting details about their life, music, and upcoming debut. in December 2018, member Yuna made her solo debut with the release of her single Dumb, and her first mini album Colorblind.

in Febraury 2019, member Yuna released her second single Dirty Guilty, along with a re-release of Colorblind. in March 2019, leMEANGIRLS debut was announced with the release of their first mini album Good Luck, and double title-track: Good Luck and Crazy. in August 2019, leMEANGIRLS took part in an international song contest with their special single Ben Drew.

in January 2020, member Yuna released her first album THELOSS, followed by the title-track Broke My Heart. in March 2020 leMEANGIRLS release their second single: 1O1. in June 2020 leMEANGIRLS released their third single How You Like That. in August 2020 leMEANGIRLS released a special music video for b-side track: Outta My Head.

in November 2020, member Yuna announces that leMEANGIRLS second mini album will be released in January 2021. However, the posts will be deleted a few weeks later, starting leMEANGIRLS first hiatus.

in March 2021, leMEANGIRLS announces that a new single is going to be released at the end of the month, altogether with a Japanese debut the summer of the same year. However, a few days later Eclesy's Galaxy entertainment will announce that member Marika has left the group with no explanations. March 22, 2021 leMEANGIRLS will release their double special single: What Type Of X?, which is their first release without member Marika. The single includes the song that leMEANGIRLS planned has their Korean comeback, and Kura Kura, which was going to be their Japanese debut.
in May 2021, member Jiwoo will announce an indefinitive Hiatus for leMEANGIRLS.

in November 2021, member Jiwoo will debut as a soloist with the release of her first mini album: One Second To Midnight, with the ominimous title-track. During the showcase of her minialbum, member Jiwoo announced that leMEANGIRLS were back in studio to record new music, and to expect a comeback soon.

in March 2022, leMEANGIRLS were back to be active on social media, posting vlogs about their daily life. in May 2022, leMEANGIRLS announce their comeback with the album: MOSCACIECA, which will be released at the end of the year. in June 2022, leMEANGIRLS announced that the first single from the album will be Don't Leave, and that it will be released in August 2022. in July 2022, member Jiwoo posted on twitter that they were working on their Japanese debut too. Moreover, the same day, member Yuna took part to the SPOP FESTIVAL were she performed an unreleased song from MOSCIACIECA.

At the moment, members Jiwoo and Kim are competing in PRODUCE 34, to win a spot in the upcoming temporary new OKURI Entertainment group.