For fans of:Piano, classical, improvisation, instant composing, experimental

Hello, my name is Eva-Catrin. I am from Berlin.

I love my living room piano (Geyer, Magdeburg Tuch, black, big and old), ideas, experiments, instant composing and singing.

I have two loved genres:

piano I play what in moment of playing is falling into my fingers and do first take records. I do this kind of improvisation since November 2012. I want to express my feelings and my love to the music.

singing classical or experimental singing with keyboard or piano.

In my business life I am an entrepreneur. With my company we are moving the renewable energies ahead through business contact brokering. You can find my company at the web at www.rds-sustainability.com.

Happy to share my music and perhaps also other ideas with you. Eva-Catrin

People say to my music: "There is something so sad and fragile in your music, yet very beautiful. It is like a black and white movie with empty streets, no people and just one lost soul is wondering around them quiet streets. Lovely what else can i say" "Like this beautiful as ever my friend" "You just have your own style, Eva. Very noticeable." "my ears needed this, thanks " "baroque, romantic, hardly to belief that it is improvised! Great!" "Hats off!! " "more than beautiful and heartfelt." "Such an enchanting piece!! Peace :)" "so beautiful!!! I like"