Lost Hollow

For fans of:Swell Season, Civil Wars, Carole King, Karla Bonoff, Sting

You may have never heard of Lost Hollow. But if you listen to the radio, you certainly have heard Tommy Harden. If you've heard "Hard to Love," (Lee Brice), "Cowboys and Angels," (Dustin Lynch), 'If heaven weren't so far away' (Justin Moore), or 'Girl, I just got started loving you' (James Otto) you've listened to him play drums. In Nashville, Tommy is a top call studio drummer, playing on many of today's biggest hits. On the road, you've seen him play drums for internationally renowned Reba McEntire, both on TV and in arenas across America.

Just like Sheryl Crow (backgrounds for Michael Jacson), Glen Campbell (guitar player in the wrecking crew), and Dave Grohl (drummer for Nirvana), Tommy gets to put down the drumsticks and step behind the microphone. Tommy started playing guitar and piano at the age of 11, and singing at the age of 15.

But he's only half of the duo. The 'better' half is Lor. A top Nashville hit songwriter friend once said, "Lor is the best singer in Nashville, she's like a best kept secret!" Putting her vocal career on the back burner to raise 6, yes 6 kids, Lor is finally making her amazing vocals a priority. Her voice has been described as both 'rich as chocolate' and 'captivating,' 'a voice to be heard.' You will fall in love with her voice as well.

Lost Hollow is the venue where you get to hear the powerful songwriting of Lor and Tommy. On the Reba “Duets” record, Reba recorded not 1, but 2 of their songs. Sleeping with a Telephone (duet with Faith Hill) and Everyday People (duet with Carole King). Reba “Duets” went on to sell double platuninum.

Lost Hollow’s music can be summed up with one two words: Emotional powerhouse. With the dynamic range of Swell Season and Civil Wars, and the captivation of Carole King, their songs draw you in and won't let go. Someone recently tweeted, "I'm obsessed with this cd!!" You just might be as well.