Lynchstock Music Festival

Lynchstock 2015 Artist Sampler

Lynchstock 2015 Artist Sampler by Lynchstock Music Festival
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For fans of:Hackensaw Boys, Colony House, The Last Bison, Atlas Rhoads, Forlorn Strangers
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  1. The Hangman - Hackensaw Boys
  2. Sunrise of Our Lives - Jane Marczewski
  3. This Changes Everything - The Last Bison
  4. The Starting Line - Hemingway
  5. Cold Hands - Carl Anderson
  6. Pebble - The Sun Kite
  7. Bottom Of The Barrel - Forlorn Strangers
  8. Golden Skies - Seabird
  9. You Like Me - Paris Jones
  10. Bride - Atlas Rhoads
  11. Moth And Rust - Dogwood & Holly
  12. Eid Mar - TLVS
  13. Never Let Go - The Ruckus
  14. Glasgow - The Maplewaves
  15. Acorns - Haley Greene
  16. Grow - Arson's Harbor
  17. The Orange Room - Passport
  18. Strangers with Memories - Taylor & Kayla
  19. Infinity's a Stream - Lloyd Harmon
Tip the Artist $6 Suggested Tip

Nestled in the beautiful foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Lynchstock Music Festival unites artists and musicians in the Lynchburg Area for one day in the Spring. Focused on building community, our vision is bigger than entertainment: We work to unite artists, musicians, and community members for a day of sharing and growth.

Each one of the nineteen bands performing at Lynchstock Music Festival this year has volunteered one song to give away for free as a part of this sampler. Together we have a chance to collaborate and give back to Lynchburg! All of the donations for this album will go to support Miriam's House of Lynchburg, Va whose mission is "to end homelessness and rebuild lives through the empowerment of women and families." Please consider donating and visit their Facebook page:

or their website:

Join us at the festival April 18, 2015

For fans of:Hackensaw Boys, Colony House, The Last Bison, Atlas Rhoads, Forlorn Strangers
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