Moby is a versatile musician who gained recognition in the early 1990s for putting the once anonymous world of electronic music on the mainstream map. His devotion to the genre along with his enigmatic production skills have made him the master of remix. His '95 album Everything Is Wrong, earned critical acclaim and included a smorgasbord of musical genres. A year and a half later, Animal Rights surprised many who never expected Moby to put out a strictly rock record. A bigger surprise followed in '99 with Play. The bluesy, down-tempoed album made Moby a star with an irresistible sound. 18, a quintessential Moby was released in 2002 with the B: Sides coming out the following year. The revered DJ is destined to make more impact as his personal homage to the realm of ambient techno and dance music hits home with a wide range of music devotees worldwide.