For fans of:Orlando Voorn, Carl Cox, Emmanuel Top, Thomas P. Heckmann, ZZZZZ

Mr.DeVo!'s an eclectic and self-taught DJ/Producer/Remixer.

He likes to work with cheap instruments.

Inspired by the Punk and New Wave scene in the early 80s he got more and more interested in music.

Starting as a low-budget DJ he learned the tricks and skills of making the music he likes.

Once he listened to Industrial and Synthesizer music he was ready to make his own music.

He met Zero V and they had many tape sessions.

His solo project Mr.DAM was very successful in the industrial-underground-scene.

He made many tapes and learned to use the sampler as an instrument.

In 1989 he was involved in the Acidhouse scene (Blame VPRO-radio).

He made and produced many tracks, all on white-labels, the name does not matter it's all about the music, a little bit like the Punk-scene of the 80s (do it yourself).

Mr.DeVo! started a new career as a Techno-DJ.

Today he is a remixer and producer and likes to make all kinds of electronic music and he spends a lot of time in his studio.