Nick Cosic

For fans of:FSOL, Autechre, Aphex Twin

Nick Cosic is an electronic music producer and DJ, specialized in IDM, techno and progressive house. A master at modular arrangements and vintage synths, Cosic has decades of experience in the Serbian music scene, contributing to the development of electronic artists from Serbia on an international scale.

Cosic’s music career has evolved similarly to the way he creates music: through modular design. In the 90s, Nick was working for a video production studio when he created an experimental short film called Sentimental Story About A Schizophrenic Maniac. A local TV show picked it up, and it then made its way to national TV in Serbia. It was selected as one of four experimental feature films at a local short film festival. This would then lead him to DJing for a psytrance clubbing organization called Technokratia.

In 1998, the artist was invited to a computer arts forum in Sofia, Bulgaria. As this was during the height of the war in the region, Cosic saw it as an opportunity to showcase Serbian electronic music as a means to promote art over war. During this time, he released his debut album Inventing Reality on cassette through the label DS Music. He then collaborated with folk artist Ivan Mushoki, recording multiple tracks which would catch the attention of, one of the foremost online music publications at the time. Cosic’s track “Pirot Cherry” would hold the No. 1 spot on the Drum and Bass charts of the website for several months.

Nick Cosic has since expanded his modular and synth musical horizons, creating spaces online for synth-related groups to share and collaborate on music. Citing FSOL, Autechre and Lassigue Bendthaus as his influences, the producer regularly shares jam sessions on his YouTube channel and is currently re-releasing tracks he’s been working on for years.