For fans of:Red Hot Chili Peppers, Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, The Killers

Nodaway is the hypnotic brainchild of Chris Jobe. Currentlybased in Nashville, Tennessee, Jobe enlisted the help of a few heavy-hitting players whose combined energy and collaboration bring the ecstatic sounds of Nodaway to life. Over the years Chris’ music would take many different façades between name and genre changes. It wasn’t until he moved to Nashville to attend Belmont University for music, that he would find his harmonious center of gravity. A blend of danceable yet intelligent indie rock.

With their recent release in tow, the attention-grabbing 500 Days of Whatever EP, the group takes an eclectic approach at indie rock, which makes them standout from the crowd. Jobe invents stylish indie music with dance-laden rhythms, catchy crooner vocals, and cryptic yet outgoing lyrics; the very soul of Nodaway.

Growing up with a rock palette that ranged from Styx to The Killers, Jobe had an array of influences. Most notably, Julian Casablancas and The Strokes, which grabbed his attention with their raw, honest, and cheeky garage sounds. From early on music was something that flowed through Jobe’s veins, luring him in with solid songs and distinct artistry. This is a notable asset which Nodaway brings to the table and one that will entice the ears immediately.

Songwriting is key for Nodaway, as Jobe acts as the sole songwriter. Frequently inspired by everyday life, bursts of inspirations, and stray conversations, the lyrical aspect of Nodaway paints a very realistic piece of art. Constantly writing, Jobe strives to get inside of the listener’s head; creating an almost storytelling-like element that weaves throughout the songs.

500 Songs of Whatever is a stunning collection of songs, holding surprises within every listen. Standout tracks include the clever “Coming Attractions,” a piece with an unstoppable, danceable beat; and the synth-laced, chillwave-feel “Hairspray,” which harkens the sounds of Bombay Bicycle Club. Doused with dreamy, indie pop tendencies, Nodaway is on the way to winning over the hearts and ears of music listeners this year.