Ken by Willy J "The Prisoner Of Hope"
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For fans of:NF, Oscar Urbina, Propaganda, Andy Mineo, Beautiful Eulogy
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  1. One More Time
  2. Summer of Age
  3. Circles (Remix)
  4. It's Alright (It's Ok) Prod
  5. Waiting For The Sky To Fall
  6. Galactic Pain
  7. ReneƩ
  8. How To Love
  9. Vibes
  10. Let Your Glory Fall (Remix)
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Ken: One's range of knowledge or of sight.

Truthfully the more you, you realize you know nothing. Lessons are learned. Loses are taken (sometimes bitterly). Victories are won. Growth is achieved. There are some things in life you just don't get from a book or google search, sometimes it's just experience, growing pains, observations and the occasional "what the?". Ken is a mix of all these thing. Still growing, still moving gaining more knowledge or wasting more time? Let's find out,


One More Time - produced by V.I.P.N. Beats, Summer of Age/Circles (Remix)/ Galactic Pain/ Let Your Glory Fall (Remix) - produced by JD3, Waiting for the Sky to Fall - produced by Luxray Productions, It's Alright (It's Ok) - produced by CashMoneyAP & YoungKimK, Reneé - produced by Feelo & Polar Beats, How To Love & Vibes - produced by tunnA Beatz

For fans of:NF, Oscar Urbina, Propaganda, Andy Mineo, Beautiful Eulogy
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