YWAM Toowoomba

Unity in Diversity

Unity in Diversity  by YWAM Toowoomba
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For fans of:Music, Hopeful Songs, Inspirational Songs, Jesus, New Sounds
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  1. Pictures of Hope
  2. Daughter
  3. Met Geen Pen Te Beschrijven
  4. Bloom
  5. Writing Stories
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1. the state of being united or joined as a whole. 

1. the state of being diverse. 2. including many different types of people or things.

At first glance these words may seem to conflict, but the beauty of this album lies in the collision of these two states.  The diversity in song and style reflects the uniqueness of the individuals that wrote them, the places that they have come from and the passions in their hearts.  Yet, in their diversity there is one thing that unifies them in an unbreakable journey that we are able to catch glimpses of as they put melody to this story.  


All songs were written and recorded by the YWAM Toowoomba October 2018 DTS Students. They were recorded, mixed and mastered onsite at Studio 514 in Toowoomba, Australia. 

1. Pictures of Hope - Written by Tabea Wiens

Vocals -Tabea Wiens, Sophia Kretschmann, Nathan Edgell  /  Guitar, Drums & Bass - Nathan Edgell  /  Piano & Violin - Sophia Kretschmann

2. Daughter - Written by Noelle Hurst

Vocals & Piano - Noelle Hurst  /  Guitar - Anna Nasoetion  /  Strings - Sophia Kretschmann  /  Backing Vocals - Anna Nasoetion, Tabea Wiens, Nicole Ralten, Sophia Kretschmann

3. Met Geen Pen Te Beschrijven (No Pen Could Describe) - Written by Nicole Ralten 

Vocals - Nicole Ralten  /  Guitar, Piano & Percussion - Nathan Edgell

4. Bloom - Written by Anna Nasoetion

Vocals - Anna Nasoetion, Kristen Tamez  /  Piano - Sophia Kretschmann  /  Guitar & Strings - Nathan Edgell

5. Writing Stories - Written by Sophia Kretschmann

Vocals - Sophia Kretschmann, Tabea Wiens, Nathan Edgell  /  Piano & Strings - Sophia Kretschmann  /  Drums - Nathan Edgell 

Album Art by Allison Cairns 

For fans of:Music, Hopeful Songs, Inspirational Songs, Jesus, New Sounds
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