Robin Trower

During the late 1960s, as guitarist for Procol Harum, Robin Trower developed an approach which proved him equally adept at providing rhythmic spacing devices as well as beefy lead guitar work within the context of their keyboard dominated instrumentation. When he formed his own band in the early 1970s, this experience would serve him well, allowing him to push the limited boundaries of the power trio format, by playing rhythm and lead guitar in a virtually simultaneous manner.

Mixing his obvious Hendrix influence with a healthy dose of psychadelia and the blues, Trower created a distinctive sound. Unlike Hendrix, to which he is so often compared, Trower's dominant tonal device was heavy reverb, rather than fuzz, feedback and distortion. He was rarely flamboyant, preferring to emphasize singular effective notes or chords into dreamy melodic washes of sound.