Shane Howard Band

For fans of:Cross Canadian Ragweed, Jason Aldean, Reckless Kelly, Josh Abbott Band, Wade Bowen
Shane Howard (guitars, vocals) started performing music at age 12 when he backed up fiddlers at fiddle contests. Within three years, Shane was asked to join the band, Reunion in 1989 where he played rhythm guitar and sang lead vocals on a few songs. His experience with Reunion led him to eventually form his own band, Rampage in 1992. For the next ten years, Shane Howard & Rampage played the Central Texas music scene. Shane mainly played the music of his heroes: George Strait, Merle Haggard, Hank Williams (Sr. & Jr.) and Elvis Presley. He later started incorporating some of his own music into the set-list. During this time, Shane Howard & Rampage opened up for country artists Gary Stewart, John Conlee, Joe Stampley and Andy Griggs. Shane Howard & Rampage was also named one of the top five bands of Central Texas according to the readers of the Waco Tribune-Herald in 1999. While there were many musicians who played for Shane Howard & Rampage, the two most significant musicians were Geoff Queen (guitars, vocals) and Steve Scheifley (drums). Their association with Shane during the Rampage-era would prove to be valuable as the new millennium dawned. By the end of 2002, Shane had dissolved Rampage and instead focused his attention on songwriting. On Memorial Day 2003, Shane went into the studio with Geoff and Steve to begin recording his original music. The result was the debut album, I’ll Never Find What I’m Looking For. Produced by Geoff Queen, the album featured twelve songs, including “If You Fail At Love” and “Set Me Free” from the Rampage-era as well as “I’ll Never Find What I’m Looking For,” “Hang On To Yesterday” and the rockin’ number “Lick It, Slam It, Suck It” written by both Shane & Geoff. Released on February 26, 2004, the album was featured on several radio stations across Texas as well as radio stations overseas in Europe. In particular, "Lick It, Slam It, Suck It" became a regional hit in the Bryan/College Station area. Shane then assembled the first version of the Shane Howard Band featuring Justin Curtis (bass, vocals), Joey Dvorak (fiddle, harmonica, mandolin), Steve Scheifley (drums) and JC Tickett (guitar). Together, they played all across Texas from College Station to Luckenbach performing in all sorts of venues including dance halls, festivals, record stores, shopping centers, even for a band of gypsies! They appeared on the Morning Buzz on KWTX Channel 10 - Waco and opened up for notable Texas artists Doug Moreland and Aaron Watson and shared the stage with Luke Olsen. The band also gained sponsorship from Lone Star Beer – The National Beer of Texas®, and they were again recognized as one of the top bands in the Waco Tribune-Herald reader’s poll in 2005. It was during this time that Shane Howard started working on the follow-up album titled Down This Road. Produced and arranged by Steve Scheifley, it featured ten new originals as well as a full-band version of "Hang On To Yesterday." Shane’s songwriting focused on the events the group was experiencing at the time. This was clearly evident on the opening song, "Playing The Game" as well as "The More I Drink, The Less I See," "Gypsyville" and the humorous honky-tonk anthem, "Beauty Is Just A Light Switch Away." Shane also adopted a more Texas-style attitude with the hit songs "15 Miles From Nowhere" and "Down This Road." The album again featured Geoff Queen on lead guitar as well as Justin (bass, vocals), Joey (fiddle, harmonica, mandolin) and Steve (drums). Released on July 4, 2006, Down This Road found it’s way on radio stations across Texas and around the world as well as the Internet, most notably Radio Free Texas. Shane was featured with Zack & Jim on WACO 100 Morning Show and did another live performance on KWTX Channel 10 - Waco. The Shane Howard Band again opened for Texas Music artist Doug Moreland as well as Tommy Alverson and Wade Bowen. Not only was the Shane Howard Band voted #2 on the 2006 Waco Tribune-Herald reader’s poll, but also the song "15 Miles From Nowhere" was voted #52 out of the top 100 songs for 2006 on Radio Free Texas. The group was transformed then into a 3-piece unit with Gary Scott (bass, guitar, vocals) and Steve Scheifley (drums, vocals), and together they re-worked Shane’s music to the new format. “Everyone had to improve their performance immediately, especially me,” confesses Shane. He also continued writing new material. One song in particular came as a result of researching the Waco Tornado of 1953. “For years, I had heard about the Waco Tornado, but I didn’t know how bad it really was until I spoke with my grandmother who experienced it firsthand,” reflects Shane. “Then I saw actual pictures and film footage of how that F5 tornado devastated the heart of downtown Waco. Hearing all this led me to write “1953” which tells the story of what happened to Waco and how it forever changed the destiny of this town.” With a newfound determination, Shane went to the studio to record “1953” in November and December of 2007. “The goal of this project was to be able to perform live whatever we did in the studio,” states Shane. “Gary was instrumental in helping out with the solo section, while Steve played his best drumming to date. I’m also pleased how the vocals bring the story of the Waco Tornado to life. But what really hits home are the actual radio broadcasts from WACO covering the disaster. It’s about as close to being there as one can be.” Shane concludes, “I did this to honor the memory of those who experienced the Waco Tornado and to give the younger generation a sense of what it was like that fateful day of May 11, 1953.” Soon afterwards, Shane Howard along with longtime drummer, Steve Scheifley and bassist, Gary Scott went back to the studio to record the album, Out Of Control (2009). This release includes the catchy single, "Rumors Fly" as well as the title track and the touching ballad, "Emma's Song (Legacy Of Love)" written on behalf of Shane's second daughter. The Shane Howard Band continued to keep an active touring schedule across Texas. In 2012, Jerry Davis was added to SHB to round out the band to make it a four piece act once again. The release of the 4th CD "Rattlesnake Rd" in April 2013 will prove to be the best cd released. The sound is new and fresh and will be songs anyone can relate to. One of the songs on the new album is call "The Wall" which pertains to the struggles and frustrations about being a Vietnam Vet. It is a very powerful and reminding song about our freedoms. Shane Howard Band has opened for notable Texas artists Doug Moreland, Aaron Watson, Luke Olson, Wade Bowen, Tommy Alverson, Perfect Stranger, Pat Green,Billy Joe Shaver, and Travis Tritt. Shane Howard remains committed to creating music from the heart, identifying himself with the people and stories of rural Texas. Not bad for someone who boasts that he’s from the bustling metropolis of Riesel, Texas…population 1007!