Special Guests

For fans of:Warren Zevon, Brian Wilson, The Beatles, Tom Waits

The Boston-based band, Special Guests, has released two of 4 albums in the past year since 2012 on Canned Peaches Records, "Half Fast" in 2018 and "Aluminaughty" April 2019, available on sites world-wide. A sample from each is here for you to enjoy, as well as Endless Corridor from our 2014 re-release, Studio Six: The Cockroach Sessions.

Special Guests released a CD in 2012. The CD had been 2 years in the making and features superb vocal performances by Zoe Alpert, Craig Carter, and Suzanne McNeil. The project began when songwriter Al Pechulis met Zoe and Rick Alpert, while performing at the Frank Withey Memorial Scholarship Foundation concerts near Boston. Zoe particularly liked Al’s original songs, and after Al gave her a CD of original material, the trio met on a winter’s night in 2009 and knew this would be something special. Pechulis had successes in the past, recording records for London Records and Jeff Lynne’s (ELO, Traveling Wilburys) private label, Jet Records, which was distributed by worldwide by United Artists. After disappointing record sales, Al gave up and got into computer software. In 1986, Al began playing again with bassist David Karahalis and drummer Doug Parks. Al had always sung his own songs, but in 1995, developed an incurable vocal disorder called Spasmodic Dysphonia, and could no longer keep pitch. Hearing Zoe sing sparked Al’s determination to produce another record. After recording 5 songs, Zoe became pregnant and took a leave of absence from the band. Al then brought in country-flavored singer, Craig Carter, to fill the void. For one reggae-flavored track, Yes I Know, Al brought in his good friend, Suzanne McNeil, to sing, and thus the name, Special Guests. For their next CD, the band has decided to go back to their rock and blues roots as demonstrated in the new singles. Look for more from the band in the very near future.