Dilettante Beach

Dilettante Beach by STAN
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For fans of:Negativland, Jonathan Richman, Dead Milkmen, Daniel Johnston, Violent Femmes / Liberace
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  1. The Woman Who Was Also a Mongoose
  2. Dilettante Beach
  3. Zero Bitch Foam
  4. Deuce of Spades
  5. Meat Bracelet
  6. Morris Minor
  7. Ocean Man
  8. I Watch the Cars
  9. Everybody Got Aspergers
  10. The Voice of Braunschweiger
  11. Full on Dialed
  12. Hezbollah Day Spa and Racquet Club
  13. Horst Xenmeister and the Mighty Honk
  14. I hear the rain
  15. I'm Scared
  16. Little Bastard
  17. New Dawn Fades
  18. Ocean Beach
  19. Oyster Stomp
  20. Pablo Picasso
  21. Play It All Night Long
  22. Ponce de Leon
  23. Push for Chili
  24. RED
  25. She's lost Control
  26. Hipster Highway
  27. Stiletto
  28. Technobarbarian
  29. The Deep End
  30. Visions of Manna
  31. Where is My Mind?
  32. Ambiguity Song
  33. Monkey Song
  34. Nesbitts Lime Soda
  35. Cats and Rats
  36. Skunk Prophesy
  37. Where's Dave?
  38. Sleeping Song
  39. New Age Nazi
  40. Lets Party
  41. Stranger Gold
  42. Stanistan
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The Woman Who Was Also a Mongoose - Dead Milkmen

Ocean Man - Ween

I Watch the Cars - Robyn Hitchcock

I Hear the Rain - Violent Femmes

Little Bastard - Ass Ponys

New Dawn Fades - Joy Division

Oyster Stomp - Brian Tairaku Ritchie

Pablo Picasso - Modern Lovers

Play it all Night Long - Warren Zevon

She's Lost Control - Joy Division

Where is My Mind? - Pixies

Ambiguity Song - Camper Van Beethoven

Nesbitts Lime Soda - Negativland

Sleeping Song - Joe Jack Talcum

Stranger Gold - Joe Jack Talcum

All other music - ©<strong style="font-size: 14.4px;">STAN

For fans of:Negativland, Jonathan Richman, Dead Milkmen, Daniel Johnston, Violent Femmes / Liberace
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