Stephen Rick

Returning Home A Stranger

Returning Home A Stranger by Stephen Rick
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For fans of:david bowie, lou reed, arcade fife
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  1. Stephen Rick - Modern Apes
  2. Stephen Rick - Sunday Afternoon
  3. Stephen Rick - I Think Therefore I Am
  4. Stephen Rick - My Friendliness Does Not Mean What You Want It To
  5. Stephen Rick - Back
  6. Stephen Rick - Try
  7. Stephen Rick - Show and Tell
  8. Stephen Rick - At Home
  9. Stephen Rick - That to Which
  10. Stephen Rick - Make It Shake
  11. Stephen Rick - Human
  12. Stephen Rick - Have
  13. Stephen Rick - Middle
  14. Stephen Rick - Death and Sex
  15. Stephen Rick - Single
  16. Stephen Rick - This Is
  17. Stephen Rick - When Wrong Is Wrong
  18. Stephen Rick - Today's Threat Tomorrow's Promise - 18
  19. Stephen Rick - Once
  20. Stephen Rick - I'm Not a Gamblin' Man, But
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I've never made music before and did this in Asia with neighbors on 5 sides of my flat so sometimes I literally had my head in luggage to sing quietly and not disturb anyone.  Popular tracks on other platforms are 3, 4, 5, 9, 10, 11, 19, 20.  Most popular are 9, 10, 11, but enjoy them they way you want to enjoy them. 


Thanks to the women in my life who kissed my arse, saved it, or both. 

For fans of:david bowie, lou reed, arcade fife
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