Still Changing

For fans of:Coldplay, Death Cab for Cutie, The Killers, Panic At The Disco

The Oslo-based four piece Still Changing is a band tied together by a deep musical, emotional and personal bond.

A friendship that would not have existed if it was not for music.

The band me tsimply by chance, during their music studies in Oslo. Not sure why they chose each other at first, they soon discovered that they had a musical chemistry that they had never experienced before. Whats tarted out as a couple of random jam sessions, suddenly became a life changing musical project.

Still Changing is about more than just playing music, it's a way to escape from the turmoil, and deal withthe vast impressions of modern life. The band approaches music partly as a playground with endless opportunities, and partly as a way to open up, and deal with their own melancholy feelings. Both as individuals and as a group.

The bands first home is their own musical universe, their second home is lead singer Marius' hometown of Voss. A small town in the western part of Norway. Surrounded by mountains and open landscapes. In many ways a place that represents the bands urge to explore and discover, their longing to escape from reality, and their appreciation of sharing great moments with other people

Still Changing's strongest intention is to share their joy of music, offering not only themselves but everyone around them a chance to take a break from whatever big or small struggles they may have. To see one or a hundred smiling people, saying that what they heard meant something to them, gives the band a feeling that only music can give.