Dead Friends, Dark Trends, and the Deep Ends

Dead Friends, Dark Trends, and the Deep Ends by Terrible
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For fans of:Girl Talk, The Avalanches, Hiatus Kaiyote, Tame Impala, The Mars Volta
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  1. Fairytales
  2. Panes (ft. Alika Keene & Tree Palmedo)
  3. D.D.D.
  4. Top Coat (ft. Gentle Soul)
  5. To Fall
  6. Age of Consent (ft. J-Dow)
  7. Under My Bed
  8. Deep End (ft. J-Dow & Tree Palmedo)
  9. History
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Terrible's life got complicated. Really complicated. Terrible lost a lot, and then lost more, and then it lost itself. So it held its breath, and drifted down to the deepest depth it could imagine. And as the sun faded away, and the pressure built up on its ears, Terrible found a cozy spot at the bottom of the sea where it could hide away from the world.

Terrible had a lot to say, but no voice, no focus, and no desire to leave its newfound home. Terrible was a mess (Terrible still is) and so it built something to speak for itself—a friend. Terrible created it in its own image, and it was in every way, shape, and form, undeniably Terrible. And with this newly built companion, it sat around at the bottom of the sea for days, and weeks, and months, singing songs, until it remembered its loved ones that still waited above the surface.

And so one day, reluctantly, Terrible said farewell to the deep end, where the worst times of its life were also the best, and slowly floated upwards. Its new companion could not follow—it was only built to live at the bottom of the sea. But Terrible had no choice, it had to leave, and it had to say its last goodbye, and rejoin the life it once lived above the surface.

It had no idea how very different the air would taste.


Track 1: "Fairytales"Samples (in order of appearance):

All is Lost - (film) J. C. Chandor

Do You Realize?? - The Flaming Lips

A Story of Boy Meets Girl - [500] Days of Summer

“Wild Big Cat Sound Effect” - Chihuahua Kawaii

Suspect Device - Stiff Little Fingers

Ooh Baby Baby - Linda Ronstadt

Track 2: "Panes (ft. Alika Keene & Tree Palmedo)"

Lead Vocals: Alika Keene

Trumpet: Tree Palmedo

Samples (in order of appearance):

“FREE SOUND FX Clocks Clock, Digital Alarm Beeping 004” - SFX Planet

“multimedia_button_click_011” - mckinneysound

“Bomb Falling SOUND EFFECT" - Bombe fällt und explodiert

Explosion SOUNDS” - BerlinAtmospheres

“Pat Kiernan (NY1), you dreamboat” - jrn212

"Pat's Papers_ Ebola Edition” - Amber Drea

“David Bowie talks about his sexual orientation on Jools Holland” - CameldotCase

Track 3: "DDD"

Samples (in order of appearance):

Are You Lonesome Tonight? - Elvis Presley

Track 4: "Top Coat (ft. Gentle Soul)"

Saxophone: Michael “Gentle Soul” McGlathery

Samples (in order of appearance):

Moanin’ - Mingus Big Band

Track 5: "To Fall"

Samples (in order of appearance):

“Old Film Reel Sound Effect” - SoundBrother

“World War 2 Bombing Raid Sound Effects (Cinesound)” - jamesuk9999

At Last - The Three Sounds The Edge - David Axelrod

Shrek - (film) Andrew Adamson & Vicky Jenson

Gone with the Wind - (film) Victor Fleming

Fool That I Am - Etta James

“Stephen Fry Trys to Explain the Feeling of Manic Depression” - Exclusive Videos

Track 6: "Age of Consent (ft. J-Dow)"

Lyrics by New Order (1983)

Saxophone: Justin “J-Dow” Dower

Track 7: "Under My Bed"

Samples (in order of appearance):

“Chuck Versus the Goodbye” S5 E13 - (tv) Chuck

“The Perfect Cocktail” S6 E22 - (tv) How I Met Your Mother

“The One Where Chandler Crosses the Line” S4E7 - (tv) Friends

“Stuff” S2E16 - (tv) How I Met Your Mother

“Work out Session” - Nubile Films

Track 8: "Deep End (ft. J-Dow & Tree Palmedo)"

Saxophone: Justin “J-Dow” Dower

Trumpet: Tree Palmedo

Samples (in order of appearance):

“David Bowie 1999 About the Internet BBC Newsnight Paxman” - Bryan Stadelmann

“The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1” - (film) Francis Lawrence

Track 9: "History"

Samples (in order of appearance):

“Underwater Total Relaxation - 3D Sound” - Varazuvi

“Seagull sounds” - Cosy Clothes Productions

Silver Bells - Dean Martin

“Ship's horn Sound Effect” - EFFECTS de SOUND

For fans of:Girl Talk, The Avalanches, Hiatus Kaiyote, Tame Impala, The Mars Volta
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