The Crooked East

For fans of:Joy Division, Badfinger, Dinosaur Jr., Radiohead

THE CROOKED EAST plays haunting and emotional wall-of-sound rock/post punk with catchy hooks, poetic lyrics, and a splash of psychedelia. Based in Mexico City, THE CROOKED EAST was formed by Buffalo, NY native Jon LaPoma just before the pandemic. Their swelling guitars, synths, cellos, pianos, drums, and bass enhance LaPoma’s literary lyrics, which often tell raw and honest tales of mental illness, addiction, the complexities of love, the search for identity, and the loss of innocence/religion.

Before moving to Mexico in 2019, LaPoma spent most of the previous decade inside his apartment, where he battled crippling OCD and turned his pain, triumphs, and trauma into songs, novels, and scripts. Once strong enough, he moved to Mexico City to start a band and share his healing journey with the world. Though their songs can seem bleak and desperate, they’re often brimming with hope, encouraging people to move toward their suffering as a means to find self-acceptance and peace.

Their first EP, “Where it’s Warm,” tells the tale of a troubled young man who follows his aspiring-actress girlfriend West, only to find himself a rising singer/songwriter. But the higher he rises, the lower he sinks into a haze of depression and substance abuse, until a panic attack on stage forces him to seek help and change his life.

With songs that are often like aural three-act plays, THE CROOKED EAST invites you to let your mind wander as they guide you along an epic psychological journey through the darkness and beauty of life.