The Gentlemen

For fans of:311, Queen, Extreme, Led Zeppelin

We will stand, we’ll fight on.

After a year-long hiatus, The Gentlemen are back in action.

The Gentlemen began as a musical concept, centered around the group’s founding members, guitarist Alex Littleford and lead vocalist/drummer Matt Neal, and their pseudonyms, Frederick and Lloyd. The group debuted as a live act in April 2012, with Neal and Littleford serving as the only true members of the group. However, mere months after their debut, the duo was joined by bass player Justin Fink, keyboardist Katie Melton, and new lead vocalist and frontman Ian Taylor, and The Gentlemen project evolved into a full-fledged band.

2013 was a foundational, if turbulent year for the group. Fink and Melton departed, and Allie Reefer joined the group on bass. The Littleford-Neal-Taylor-Reefer lineup saw several live performances and the release of the group’s first recording, The Gentlemen EP, in May 2013. However, the EP release show on May 4th, 2013 would mark the last public performance of The Gentlemen for over a year. While all four members retained their love for music and fond memories of the band, their legacy was thought to be finished.

Until now.

The Gentlemen are proud to release their first new new material in over a year, The Late Night Lottery EP. The opener, “Stars,” dates back to Alex and Matt’s former band, The Farthest We’ve Come, while the trio of songs that follow were all written this year, drawn from the musical sketches of one Mr. Stephen Johnston (“Ice Steve” from Jungle Rhubarb and the Destiny Tangerine). The EP also marks The Gentlemen’s debut as a trio, with Ian taking over the group’s bass duties. The result is an eclectic quartet of songs, all centered around The Gentlemen’s signature blend of hard rock and alternative rock with pop sensibilities.

The Gentlemen believe that music is a lady, and unfortunately, not everyone treats her with the respect she deserves. All too often, she is reduced to mere background noise and dismissed as trivial by the masses. As true gentlemen, it is our honor and privilege to celebrate the strength, passion, and free spirit of Lady Music though our writing and performing. We’re in love, and we’re shouting it from the rooftops, using the many dialects of the pop/rock spectrum to show our admiration. For more information or booking inquiries, The Gentlemen may be reached at