The Reign

For fans of:The Beatles, Badfinger, The Raspberries, Myracle Brah, Enuff Z'Nuff

The Reign was formed In 1986 By Joe Caravella & Lenny Kibanoff, Over The years This band has endured Line up changes, name Changes (Always reverting back to The Reign after the brief changes) (Joe says "You may have even seen us live in one of our other incarnations" "Ground" "Just Jake" Late Model Jesus"), Death of Band members, Jail, Drug addiction, Alcoholism, Rehab, Egotism, Revolving door members, stints in the Army it is Like a Episode of Behind The Music. But the thing that endures as is with any band with quality song craft is The Music!!! The Music is always the final story & in reality it's the only story you need listen to.