Three Day Flight

For fans of:The Weepies, Gungor, Sleeping At Last, David Wilcox, Fleetwood Mac

Three Day Flight is the moniker of a musical collective created by husband and wife singer/songwriter duo: Adam and Kristie Jeffrey.

The creative journey of Adam and Kristie that has become known as Three Day Flight has always been a journey of healing, peace, and love. The essence of this creative journey is, in the poetic words of Hafiz, to "slip magic into sounds, then pour them into the earth's bruised ear."

When sharing their music with others in person, Three Day Flight works to create a unique musical experience using live looping of various instruments and vocals. As a classically trained multi-instrumentalist who has worked with Symphony Orchestras all over the world, Adam hopes to use his unique skill set to serve their art in the most creative ways possible.

Their first full length recording, "Feel The Fray", is a 12 song project that was released in 2010.

In the Fall of 2016, they finished recording their second full length album: "Separate/Same".

In the Fall of 2020, Three Day Flight completed and released 2 albums at once: "Washed In Wonder" and "Drifting Into Dreams: Lullabies For Aidan"

"Drifting Into Dreams: Lullabies For Aidan" is a collection of instrumental lullabies composed for Kristie and Adam's son, Aidan Jeffrey.

Prior to its full release in 2020, "Washed In Wonder" has been released incrementally in a series of digital EPs over the past 4 years.

Volume 1: "Where The Light Gets In" was released on Noisetrade in January of 2018.

In December of 2018, Three Day Flight released Volume 2: “How To Fly With Angels”.

And in November of 2019, they completed and released Volume 3: "All Of The Tears We Cry".

Three Day Flight has recently started recording their next full-length album: "The Beauty In The Broken"...