Tiny Victories

Daytrotter Session - Nov 7, 2012

Nov 7, 2012 Echo Mountain Recording Asheville, NC by Tiny Victories
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  1. Lost Weekend
  2. Gravitron / Justine
Most everything just washes itself out. There are more stalemates than anything and still there's the worked up part of us that makes it all feel desperate and crucial. You think that if you can avoid this or that you'll be in the clear. You will have gotten out of the sticky conundrum unscathed. You'll be able to start your celebrating, but before you know it, it dawns on you that you're just a big old fool to have ever thought such a thing. You avoid this or that and there are hundreds more this-es and thats to deal with, waiting patiently in a line like a row of cabs in front of an airport or a hotel.

Brooklyn, New York, band Tiny Victories - made up of Greg Walters and Cason Kelly -- reminds us that we are the makers of these maladies. Avoiding them is futile because even when we do, "They've got a million different ways to make you pay." It's just the way that it is. This doesn't mean that we fold. We should still try to drink, dance and be merry. We might turn ourselves into cerebral messes, unable to cut out the bullshit, but the lost weekend, spent "walking around in your head" can still be a nice distraction.

For all of the references to depressing thoughts - like death being the color of the sun or the reminder that "the devil takes the first one and you were the first one" - Tiny Victories music is just as much a party as anything else. They sing, "I do my drinking at night/Out in that hot summer night/I just can't focus with all these ghosts all around me/Cause I'm like hey hey hey/Alright now/Hey hey hey/Get lost/I can hear them all calling my name." It can never JUST be a party though. There's mortality and hauntings to deal with, always.