Tom Edwards Band

For fans of:Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Dawes, needtobreathe, Andrew Osenga

After 15 years of playing music on the road, Tom Edwards & his band of Joshes (Josh Myers and Josh Rosonet) believe they’re just getting started. These guys are primarily a worship band, but their music is not your typical modern worship style. Their songwriting is very introspective and deals with living out the truth of what is being said in the times of corporate worship. “We want to keep the audiences engaged by using more familiar worship songs, but God is dealing with us as well and as songwriters, I feel we have a lot to bring to the table”, says Myers. “If a song leads me somewhere I know that I can honestly lead others through that song,” admits Tom, “Getting people to engage in worship with me is almost a matter of survival.” Tom and the Joshes believe that worship is not about observation, but participation. Heart, talent, honesty, artistry & a passion for the Church – to get an idea of what all this looks like combined, check these guys out.